Create Your MBI Interview Guide…In 2-Minutes!


Easy Instructions:  Here is how this fabulous MBI Interview Guide Generator works. After you click the START button below…click the SKILL dropdown menu and select your first skill from the list. Next, pick the interviews question(s) you want from the list. Repeat until you have all the SKILLS and QUESTIONS you want. Approximately five questions fit on a page. Review, rearrange, add/remove until its perfect. Click the “DOWNLOAD (PRINT) MBI INTERVIEW GUIDE” …and you’re done.

IMPORTANT! Different browsers, computers and default settings can cause variations in how your MBI Interview Guide prints. For best results, select ‘Two-sided’ and un-check the ‘Headers/Footers’ box typically found under “More Settings/Options”.

DEMO ONLY: The demo is just that…a demo. It includes a few sample skills and MBI interview questions. Full access to the 80 different skills and 400+ MBI Interview Questions are for My MBI Tools members only. Go ahead and give the demo a try. Click the START button and see how fast and easy it is to generate an effective MBI Interview Guide. Go to MY MBI Tools Memberships.

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